Sunday, January 9, 2011

Personality Test

      Personality Traits & How To Take The Test on the side bar in the YouTube box are five videos of information. The first three videos explain Personality and Traits. Video four explains how to take the test. Video five adds elaborations. 

You can watch the videos or read Test Instructions below or do both or neither and proceed to the test.

You can print his score sheet or draw one putting the five score bars as shown under the "You".

If you do not see anymore pages then these two hit READ MORE below to open up the rest.

This first test is to better see which widgets, traits, that might normally dominate in you.  It gives you concepts to work with later and to use as you go through the four tests and then start your journey of discovering and perhaps changing some of your tendencies to better adjust to self, others, and the environment for better living.  Test two follows after test one and test three after answers to test two, and test four after the answers to test three.    Have fun, the best way to learn.



This second test is to help identify some of the many family dynamics that influence and change us. This test will help you begin to think about the conflicts from personality differences in your family of origin that may have had an affect and effect on your widgets and personality. The questions ask about your parents but think also of the different widgets of siblings, or any other family member that has had any affects and effects on you. You want to center on the top one or two, and then maybe third answers that effected you most. Enjoy.

                    Take a small break to read the following and then go on to test Three


The third test is designed to help you see some of the cognitive tendencies you may have that encourage or discourage certain of your widgets to see, feel, justify, or act upon behavior.  Choose the questions that most typifies your cognitive style or tendencies.  Then you can choose the second most and third most if you want and they pertain.  The picture is there to help you understand the concept that we cruise through our conscious life like a boat.  Different widgets will dominate changing the way we may see, feel, think, or act.  Our consciousness and conscience, Mr/Ms Do or Dragon, will rise to influence which widgets rule. Our Upper Nature, organized by Mr/Ms Do, is altruistic and out to protect self and others. Our Lower Nature, our other ego state organized by Dragon, is usually in the subconscious waiting for it's turn to be selfish. Have fun, the only way to go.  


Test four is designed to begin to show you the dynamics of situations.  It looks very much like test two, the family, but the examples are related to situations such as the work place.  This test is to begin to see some of the dynamics of your personality in groups. It does not even begin to define all the possible dynamics, only to get you thinking and thinking how you may fit into the dynamics of different situations. You can think of many groups you have found yourself in and how you have activated your widgets.  Pick which questions pertain to you the most, first, second, third, or only one.  Have fun for sure.


Now For More Info on how to read your score

Here is the Example Score Sheet with interpretation at the bottom.

Now to look at Personality Types to begin to interpret your scores, or even to readjust them to fit you better. 

Now that you have an idea of your personality there are


The main personality combinations are there and others are to come, keep checking. Buy for self or others. Fun gifts coming. 

There are progressive levels to look at Personality from the individual, to family personality, to belief personalities, to situational or group personalities, to community personalities, and State, Nation, and Global Personalities that are or will be covered by blogs. Also blogs cover Consciousness and A Personal Journey to change personalities. These are:

  1) Individual Personalities to be seen at
  2) Family Personalities and their Interactions to be seen at
  3) Cognitive Personality to be seen at
  4) Situational Personality to be seen at
  5) Community Personalities, a cartoon story about gadgets to be seen at
  6) State Personality, yet to come.
  7) Nation Personality, yet to come.
  8) International Personality, yet to come.
  9) Role of Consciousness , started at
10) Changing Personality:
          for the better to be seen at  
          for the role of Mr/Ms Do and Dragon in Personality at   
          for tips on how to change your widgets, personality traits. 

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  1. Good thing you shared this personality test. I will try to compare the result of my previous Disc test from it.

    1. What did you find when you compared the Psychotoons Personality Testwith the result of your previous Disc test?

  2. Intelligence is best defined by the ability to adjust, but there is no task or set of questions that are not affected by culture, practice, and lack of handicaps. Einstein must have struggled as a youngster with IQ tests. But I did like your test. My husband would get them all right but he can not fight his way out of a paper bag when it comes to figuring out common sense daily life. Personality can begin to explain why he is so bright yet not so bright. But then, with the right tests I guess we all fail here and there and excel also.