Widgets to Facilitate Your Journey

Our personalities are first determined by out genetics, our inherited biological widgets that may or may not have been altered by illness or accident. Widgets are represented by seven animals for the upper good nature and four animals for the lower, or evil, nature. 

The natural flow is first for Ant and Bee to see details and patterns, they are our perception.  Then Macho the cat, our fears, and Cuddles the dog, our compassion and empathy for others, come into play.  Geru the garden blue bird, our concepts and beliefs, that see the overall larger picture, decide what to do.  Rabbit and Turtle, the energy and patience that allow us to develop skills and habits, then go about caring out our actions.  These are out upper nature animals. 

There is a delightful character, Mr/Ms Do, that represents our bodies and choices or freewill to move around the widgets or give them more or less power.  The combination of these widgets, their strengths and priority of which ones are in charge,  make up most of our personality.

The lower nature animals are the deceptive spider, greedy raccoon, crafty crow and predatory coyote.  Their Mr/Ms Do is a Dreadful Dragon, an alter ego.  He/She will organize his/her widgets to run the show and interfere with the upper nature to gain their own perceptions, desires, reasoning, and actions.

Second our personalities are developed, changed, or limited by our upbringing.  Family and their widgets can change the priority and strength of our own widgets.

Beliefs, developed by others' widgets and their own experiences, can change the way we look at and listen to our widgets changing the strength and priority of the widgets influence.  This changes our personality and can be looked at as beliefs with personality.

Lastly, habits and skills change our ability to act on different widgets.  Also the dynamics of others we work with or deal with daily influence our personality potential.  They too have widgets.

Sit back and take the tests, if you feel confused do not worry.  Follow the ongoing blogs that will spell it out in more detail.  When you are done with the tests and started the blogs, you are  ready to proceed in your quest of who you are.   Click on the Consciousness blog and Personal Growth blog and start the blogging  journey of putting your new knowledge to work to change for the better.  These are on going blogs. that will help you work with your Mr/Ms Do and his/her widgets to fight Dragon and his/her widget crew. 

Outside of blog comments, I am available by e-mail for casual comments and questions and Skype for more detailed or personal questions that take more time to ask and answer, at a marginal fee.  Good Luck.