Why Personality Matters

Why does Personality Matter?

Life is but a stage and we pick scripts and play roles.  This is what grounds us in society.  Like an ongoing mystery we try and understand the scripts and roles of ourselves and others to predict the future and plan for happiness.  It is how the brain works.  We perceive the world around us, decide to fear or love things and others, we then plan how to adjust the scripts and roles to be happy and proceed to do so.

The problem, the block, the failure to do so, is our lack of understanding of others and ourselves.  Without proper reflection we accept the central main character in the play as the only true honest, visible, transparent connection to reality, that character, the hero, is ourselves.  Down deep we know better but instead of saving the day we falter because of our ignorance.  

From the rosy or dark colored glasses we put on we screw up and tint everything we see, feel, think, and do by using our view of reality as the model in the mirror to shape up to.  The rosy or dark colored glasses is called personality. 

This series of personality tests will help you start the journey of seeing who you are, what others are about. And with that knowledge you can start improving yourself and changing the  environment for a more productive and rewarding life for you and others.  The tests are not designed to give you the answers to who you are but to help you figure out the answers that fit you.