Overview of the Four Tests

They are four short tests to help you get started.  Life is not so simples as to be a dozen personalities or less.  There is an infinite number of personalities.  But there is really only four things to keep in mind to figure them out.  The first four tests help you see those four factors in you.  They lead you to the four basic blogs that help explain them further.

Our personalities are first determined by out genetics, our inherited biological widgets, or traits, that may or may not have been altered by illness or accident. Widgets are represented by seven animals for the upper good nature and four animals for the lower, or evil, nature.

Second our personalities are developed, changed, or limited by our upbringing.  Family can change the priority and strength of widgets.

Beliefs can change the way we look at and listen to our widgets changing the strength and priority of the widgets' influence.  This changes our personality.

Lastly, habits and skills change our ability to act on different widgets.  Also the dynamics of others, and their widgets, we work with or deal with daily influence our personality potential.  See the next topic for further hints of what you will be looking at.